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The advanced photo-realism tour continues: true diffuse reflections, first-class environmental mapping, micro-bump technology, custom reflection mixing, soft bump, and water-surface shading on a level unmatched in the industry.

Evasion|3D proudly presents the next-generation reflection system, HyperSmooth. Versatility and total control, combined with seamless integration within Lightwave 3D, make this product the ultimate solution for all your reflection-related tasks. In the real world, where the light reflects as it should be, one only needs to open the eyes. In the 3D, all you need is HyperSmooth.

"Typical of Evasion: technically brilliant, cleverly integrated and a genuinely useful addition to LightWave."
Steve Jarratt / 3DWorld
"Hypersmooth is a professional tool with a wealth of powerful surfacing features that will entice and delight everyone's inner control-freak."
James Darknell / Namco Inc.
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rendering toolset
Jun 03, 2003
1.0b, Jul 03, 2003
LightWave 7.x - 8.x
OS 9 / OS X