Mental Ray

Corporate Vision:
We help to visualize the bright future of our customers.

Mission Statement:
We develop sophisticated software solutions ranging from utilities to complex production systems, allowing visual artists and digital-content creators to reach their new competitive edge.

Markets & Customers:
Our technology has been adopted by all industries demanding highend 3D graphics, and has been successfully integrated into several major production facilities, including:

Company Profile

Founded in 1999, evasion|3D has become a recognized expert in providing complex solutions for the 3D industry. Incorporating thorough research and development, coupled with experience-based problem solving skills, the company always strives for maximized outputs, in each phase of the product life-cycle.
Business Operations

  • Software Applications:
    advanced technology translated into flexible products, packed with optimized solutions, available to broad scale of customers: from freelance artists and small studios to highend production houses.

  • Custom Development:
    leveraging our extensive expertise to meet the highest needs of our clients, delivered as custom product modifications, or complete leading-edge software solutions.