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MeshPaint takes LightWave's modeler to a different level. The creation of complex polygonal structures, particle-based surfaces such as fibers, fur, and feathers has become sheer fun!

The fully polygonal output offers limitless possibilities. One can utilize all native and custom modeling tools, and apply all kinds of rendering features. Moreover, all sorts of shaders, and baking solutions can render such geometry. The MeshPaint's unmatched render quality is obvious at a first glance; however, the inner versatility, and the number of various applications is almost too hard to imagine.

"All in all, MeshPaint is enormously useful and versatile, ergonomically combining functionality of cloning solution and fur / hair software."
Rory Little / Team17 Software Ltd.
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modeling toolset
May 03, 2004
1.0b, Jun 01, 2004
LightWave 7.x - 9.x
OS 9 / OS X